About Us

Cedar Ridge Woodworkers uses quality hardwoods and products to provide strength and longevity to every piece we create. We strive to give great attention to detail so that we can keep delivering a high standard of quality to our customers.
Owners Terry, Randy, and Don got into woodworking in the 90's making cabinets, but found their true passion for custom wood projects along the way. Working on custom projects has evolved Terry and Randy's skills as woodworkers, allowing them to take on more intricate and unique projects. Cedar Ridge Woodworkers's owners are very appreciative of every opportunity to create great pieces. and love what they do every day. Cedar Ridge Woodworkers creates pieces for every taste, including rustic, modern, contemporary, or classic. Let our woodworkers create a lasting, heirloom piece for you. Call 402-658-4498 or 712-355-2995 today!
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